Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Next Podcast: Heretics and Heresies.

This is just an FYI. I am recording "Heretics and Heresies", a speech from 1874. I hope to have the time to finish it this weekend. I discovered that my voice sounds best if I record in the early morning. Since I have a regular job, I can only do that on weekends (unless I start going to bed at 8PM, which is not going to happen).

If you would like to read the Ingersoll speeches (for free), a collection of them exists at . These are scanned from the original printed editions and processed with OCR software (I assume, because of the errors), and occasionally, some of the words are wrong, but not too many.

I found a great Robert Ingersoll CD for sale on eBay. It contains the entire historical works of Ingersoll, plus a biography and miscellaneous interesting stuff related to Ingersoll. It is all in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Just go to eBay and search on "Robert Ingersoll". Hopefully, it will still be offered. I think it comes from


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